Digital Marketing Services

Struggling to gain new customers or getting your business to take off? Or, perhaps you're thriving in your existing market but wish to delve into new segments and boost sales potential by reaching new audiences? We offer leading digital marketing solutions to drive your business forward and generate real results, whether that be revenue increase, broader brand awareness or better customer loyalty.

Digital marketing is the most powerful way to drive footfall to your in-store or online business. By combining data with strategy and creativity, we can take your business to new levels and get you to your goals much faster. With our digital marketing services, we've transformed failing businesses into thriving businesses, and we've helped clients successfully break into new markets. We work with clients of all sizes and sectors, creating a custom marketing strategy which is suited to your brand, goals and budget. Choose to use SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing or Email Marketing, or combine these to unlock your maximum potential.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We're specialists in SEO and have a wealth of experience to help improve your visibility in search results. Being seen in search results is pivotal for reaching an online audience and is an essential component of any digital marketing strategy. The more often (and higher) you appear in search results, the more organic traffic you drive to your site. This significantly increases the number of potential customers that you could be reaching and encouraging to convert!

Our team have implemented successful SEO strategies for businesses across various sectors, from small start-ups, to large multinational companies. Every business and industry is different, so it's important for us to work with you to meet targets specific to your business. For example, a local florist may wish to be discovered by more customers from their town, whereas a large engraving business may wish to target new audiences across the UK. Whatever your goals are, we're here to help you reach them!

We know that SEO can seem complex, but we've got the expertise and tools to be able to guide you and drive your growth online. You can rest assured that you're in safe, knowledgeable hands. Iocea offer SEO audits, one-off optimisation request completion, monthly-rolling optimisation packages, and training sessions. Get in touch to start your journey with us today!

PPC Services (Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Paid Socials)

Pay Per Click Advertising is a powerful way to increase awareness of your products and brand, as well as influence consideration and encourage audiences to make a conversion, whether that be encouraging users to make a purchase, follow your page or submit an email sign-up form. If you're looking for quick wins and faster results, then PPC is the ideal marketing tool for you to use. Unlike SEO which requires a long-term strategy before you may reap the rewards of your efforts, PPC can work instantly if you get it right.

Target your ideal audience across Google and Bing Search, or Paid Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and more). Not only does PPC advertising allow you reach new audiences, it also allows you to retarget website visitors who took interest in your site but didn't make a conversion. Give them an extra nudge to get them across the line, by showing up in display ad placements or on their social media news feed!

Whatever your goals, our Lincoln PPC specialists will work on a strategy to maximise results, at the lowest cost to you. Set your budgets and let us know your requirements, and control the complexities of campaign management whilst you can use your time elsewhere! Using the latest technology our dedicated digital marketing agents use experience and data to deliver maximum ROI. Get started with gaining new business - Give us a call!

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Social Media Marketing and Management

Social media marketing is an effective way to connect with your audience, building brand awareness, increasing sales and driving website traffic. Combining creativity and traditional marketing tactics, our digital marketing specialists produce strategies for social media success! 

We work with your business to identify your brand identity, your audience and the market you operate in, including competitor activity. Using our research, we create a social media plan which best targets your desired audience and works towards goals set out by you, such as increasing sales, boosting brand awareness and encouraging engagement with existing customers. 

Our Lincolnshire social media specialists can take the reins with your content, or you can choose to use us as an extension of your team. We even offer social media training sessions to help you to learn and discover new ways to grow your business! Our social media services include full social media management, PPC advertising, remarketing ads, strategy building, reporting, and consulting. If you'd prefer to take the reigns, then we can complete an audit for you, identifying opportunities for you to take your business further, using your in-house team. 

Exceptional Email Marketing 

Some people would suggest that email marketing is outdated and no longer needed in your digital marketing tool box, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Email is still VERY relevant and VERY effective if done right. This crucial communications tool can be used to drive sales and build an engaged audience you can reach with key marketing methods.

Our email marketing services include full campaign creation and reporting, led by one of our email marketing specialists,  right through to our very own in-house mailing platform, where you can take full control of the creation of email campaigns. We'll never leave you stranded though, as our email marketing experts will always be on hand to assist if you need a hand.

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