Email marketing, made easy

Email marketing is a vital element of your Digital Marketing strategy, typically performing as your most profitable referral channel. It allows you to speak directly to your customers and as it’s completely measurable, the return on your investment is wholly quantifiable. 

We have our very own email marketing platform - ioceamailer. Using ioceamailer, you're able to create creative email campaigns and set up automation, making the most of personalisation tool and producing workflows to maximise your performance potential. With our email marketing management, we can optimise open rates and click through rates, ultimately driving your audience to make a conversion. There's a fine line to tread when it comes to effectively targeting your audience whilst ensuring that you don't spam your subscribers - We'll help you to get this balance perfect.

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ioceamailer: Our bespoke email marketing platform

If you're looking to up your email marketing game, then you've come to the right place! 

With our in-house mailing platform ioceamailer, sending out emails that actually convert, has never been easier. Our easy-to-use email platform gives you full access to create your own eye-catching designs and send out emails to a huge mailing list.

We don't expect you to be an expert, which is why our email marketing experts will give you full training on how to use the system along with tips on best practices for email. You'll also have a dedicated email marketing specialist who can work as an extension of your team. Either use our simple-to-use drag and drop solution yourself or work in partnership with our Lincolnshire digital marketing team who can write, design and send your campaigns and report on performance.

Why choose ioceamailer over Mailchimp?

  • ioceamailer allows you to automatically sync your marketing database with your customer database. 
  • You can design, create and send email campaigns that are fully optimised for all devices. 
  • You can either upload your own design, use the drag and drop designer or choose a design from the template gallery.
  • Expert support from an email marketing specialist.   
  • Detailed reporting and insights are generated in real-time.   
  • Visual workflow builder – use drag and drop to easily design complex user journeys for your subscribers. 
  • Automated re-targeting allows you to follow up campaigns to those that didn’t open, opened but did not click, clicked any link or clicked a specific link.
  • ioceamailer can be connected to a wide range of apps.   
  • It is so simple to use – zero coding experience is required. 

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Get results with ioceamailer

If you're still not convinced on why your business should be using our bespoke email platform, then here are a few figures that might just push you over the line!

On average, 2,100,000 emails are successfully sent through ioceamailer each month. This means that if all these emails were a country, it's population would be greater than Gibraltar, Monaco, Greenland, Barbados, Cyprus and the Bahamas combined!

The average ioceamailer open rate in July 2022 was 48.10%, which is much higher than the UK average of 21.33%. We achieve this high open rate by placing high priority on email list hygiene, engaging content and by integrating tools which notify users of any technical issues that their campaigns may have, so that these arent bounced by email servers.

Here are the revenues that a sample of our clients generated through ioceamailer in the year ending September 2022:

  • Client A - £339,800
  • Client B - £139,027
  • Client C - £124,885
Ioceamailer really can drive your sales potential, by using the latest retargeting, automation and personalisation features.

Don't just take our word for it, here's a glowing review from one of our long-standing clients...

"We have used Ioceamailer for over a year and it has helped both our corporate team and our direct team reach specific customers and contacts with the latest information, data, offers and webinar invites, now in-person events have been cancelled. It has been a great resource to use during the pandemic to reach our customers, being an extra tool our teams have been able to utilise to increase sales opportunities. It is easy to use and provides an extensive report of how the email has performed." - Anpario Direct